Why Science?

Science is a part of everyone’s lives: it is the study of how the world works and beyond. A Scientist’s View is a platform for scientific information to be spread about the natural world and hopefully to answer some of the most common science-related queries.  Before I started my university course, I had a lot more unanswered questions in my mind relating to science than I thought I had. A few times I found myself beaming with satisfaction when my lecturers answered them for me. In a similar way, I’d like to write blog posts that give the reader a more clear idea of a particular subject within science-from the way in which bees make honey to how our bodies transport oxygen.

Knowledge is power

We live in a world where many suffer from diseases of undefined causes and where our carbon footprint is threatening the longevity of our planet’s life. The more we know about how our world works and how we affect it, the brighter our future will be. Over the next four years my university journey will expose me to all sorts of chemical and biological related science. I’d like to share my learning and discoveries in a way that might inform or interest the reader, as well as strengthen my own memory through writing these blog posts.